May 31, 2013

Tips Tricks and Shortcuts Blackberry OS7

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Custom Dictionary
Customize your personal words by going to "Options" select "Typing and Language" and then select "Custom Dictionary".

Customize Profiles
Blackberry allows you to customize different profiles. . For example, you can create a "Movie Profile" to silence your phone in the movie theater or a "Game Profile" to make your phone the loudest while at the game.

Blackberry Protect
Blackberry Protect gives you the option to make the phone ring even if the phone is set to silent. You can also locate, lock or even wipe your phone if lost or stolen. Charging port broken? Use BlackBerry Protect to back-up your phone and restore it to the new device.

BBM Backup
While in BBM, hit the Berry "Menu" key, select "Options", scroll down to "Backup Management", select "Backup" and choose to backup to the memory card or a registered e-mail address.

Change your BlackBerry ID
Go to "Options", select "Device" and then click on "BlackBerry ID"

Faster BlackBerry
Option 1-- Go to "Options", click on"Security", select "Advanced Security Settings", click " Memory Cleaning" and hit "Clean"
Option 2-- From the home screen hold the "ALT" key, type LGLG when the log appears hit the "Berry" key and select "Clear Log"

Highlight multiple message
Hold The "CAPS" key and scroll over your messages to highlight, choose to delete them by pressing the "Berry" key and select "Delete"

E-Mail Issues
Try resending the "Service Books", Select "Messages", Hit the "Berry" Key and select "Email Account Management". Hit the "Berry" key again, select "Service Books" and then select "Send Service Books".

Jump to the Top or Bottom Of your Messages
Type "B" for Bottom and "T" for Top

To keep a message unread
Message and hold the "Atl" key and press "U"

Locate your BlackBerry PIN
Simply type "my PIN" as one word in any message field then hit "Space" and your PIN will appear

Locate Your BlackBerry Model and Operating System

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