May 31, 2013

Sachup: Firmware Grabber Blackberry 10

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Application (.bar) side-loader and operating system+radio installer Sachibar:

Update! 28th May 2013
Download here. [Windows]
Download here. [Linux 64-bit, requires Qt]

Sachup Firmware Grabber (17th May)

Sachibar Application and Firmware Installer (17th May)

Updates (28th May)
* Fix Autoloader combiner fileinfo.
Updates (27th May)
* Fix all bugs associated with Autoloader splitter and combiner.
Updates (26th May)
* Integrated an Autoloader splitter and combiner.
* Some miscellaneous bug fixes.
Updates (17th May)
* You can now sideload apps as well! Just drag and drop apps and they will install on to your device with a nice 'installer'.
* Can detect debrick radio packages now. Minor bug fix.
* Sachibar now installs radio too
* Updated Sachup country + carrier
Updates (15th May)
* Improvements to Drag n' Drop and file selection in Sachibar. Should be able to select folders and drag properly now on all platforms.
Updates (9th May)
* Fixed numerous bugs: Tabs and enters no longer affect input. Minimum size is now sane. Spacing stretches when resized. Variant text updates when device is changed.
* Removed Current OS and PIN as they weren't being used.
Updates (4th May)
* Sachup UI is now scalable when resized (suggested by graymatter).
* Sachibar is now included.
* Sachibar can detect firmware better now.
For information about the country code, network code in the world is found here

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