May 30, 2013

NUBLINK FX 2013 Repair BlackBerry Phone Blank (Red Blink) Solution Powered by: Timothy Kc

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Following sequence:

Open the program NUBLINK FX 2013
1. Step 1 - Click to open the folder and copy nublink.exe to: "C / Windows" before all the next step for program to working properly.

2. Step 2 - Click Nuke, after cmd windows pop up, Pluged your BB device to pc via usb cable and wait for process is done ( klik any key to continue ).

3. Step 3 - Click to wipe your BB device and wait until process is done.

4. Step 4 - This step is optional * if the step 1-3 is failed, run again form the step 1-3 + step 4 ( including BB ram full cleaner )

5. Disconnect your usb cable from pc, click loader with no JVM than click next.

6. Pluged your BB back via usb cable to pc, after PIN detect than click next ( you must have a DM & OS device installed ) and waiting until all the job is DONE!

7. Enjoy your day with coffee break :)

 Link to download: NUBLINK FX 2013
Note: for advance user only!
Powered by: Timothy Kc
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