May 31, 2013

Leaked: OS v10.1.0.2354 For BlackBerry Z10 (STL100-2, 100-3, 100-4)

Được đăng bởi Dao Manh Hieu vào lúc 10:56 AM
Phản ứng: 
The BlackBerry Z10 OS leaks keep pouring in! We now have leaked OS making it's appearance for the remaining Z10 devices! Our sources have confirmed build 2342 was a failed OS from internal BlackBerry testing, so they released build 2354 to fix those issues. If you notice any improvements, be sure to let us know what you notice in our forums! This leaked OS is available for the Z10 STL100-2,100-3 and 100-4:
Warning: Please remember that this IS NOT an official operating system release. If you wish to install this OS keep in mind that this may cause your phone to not function properly. Also remember, upon loading this OS, it will wipe your device clean. Make sure you back up your device before loading it. Otherwise, you will lose all your data.
Link! Will be late!

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