Oct 26, 2013

Darcy's Blackberry Tools (DBBTool_1.5.1.0 Update Oct 19, 2013)

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Backup Manager
This lists all your current BlackBerry Link Backups.
Clicking on an item in the list will bring up information about the backup, mainly what version of OS the backup was made from.
If you downgrade OS on your phone and want to restore your newer backup to it, it won't work.

Example: if you were running OS and downgrade to you cannot restore your backup from .4285 to .2354.

However if you set the version in the backup file to any version earlier then you can attempt the restore.
Going between major versions may not work. Any backups made from 10.2 may not restore back to any 10.1 or 10.0 versions.
Clicking on the Change Version button will change the version number stored in the backup to let you try restoring it.
It will ask if you wish to make a copy of the backup first - just in case something goes wrong.

File Extraction
This performs various operations on BlackBerry files.
You can either browse for the file to operate on, or drag and drop the file anywhere in the window.
Depending on the file type you can do the following:

Autoloader - Extract App BAR files from it, dump the files directly, split the autoloader, or split out just the radio file.
Signed File - Extract App BAR files, or dump the contents if it's a full OS.
BAR File - Verify the BAR is valid, or Extract the contents.

Verifying a BAR file works by checking the checksums against the manifest.

Build Autoloader
With a copy of CAP.EXE you can build an autoloader with up to 6 signed files. Typically it's 1 or 2, either a radio file, or a radio + full OS.


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Oct 24, 2013

BlackBerry < OS7 Security IMEI

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What so called with "RED BLINK" EFS damaged.
This caused by messed up Radio Calibration data. Simply erase this field, and viola!!,
phone is alive with DEFAULT parameter. (IMEI 044xx..)

Now, how to get Radio parameter?
You need to have "clone QCEFS" for specific phone. You can get it from a good working phone. It's Qualcomm, google your self about how to read EFS. It's spread a lot.

Write this clone data to your erased phone , and that's it! Phone is alive.
BIS running OK, Telephony functions OK. Only one thing: the IMEI is default.

This is a warning to those who have such solution.

Do you KNOW how does BlackBerry security mechanism works?

On normal way:
it uses MODEM IMEI to register to network. It's OK you can use default IMEI,
since OUR country DID NOT apply any imei restriction. But don't know next year?
 Apply IMEI policy, and this phone is DONE

UltraShell BB Tool Free

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Ultra Shell for CFP and JVL Absolute Free
Erase FAT
This will erase the whole content inside FAT partition.
Useful for device with built-in internal storage problem.

Erase Modem
Flash the phone before executing this command.
This will erase Modem EFS of Qualcomm Based phones.
Useful to repair "Red blink of dead" caused by damaged Modem FS.
This function will reset Modem IMEI. This function will NOT repair Modem IMEI.

(formerly called "Nasty Erase") Useful to cleanup messed flash system on most case.
Proceed to flash the phone after this command.

There are two command on this button. Press the splitter to choose
which Nuke command you will execute. Just Nuke or Nuke -a

There are three command on this button. Press the splitter to choose
which Wipe command you will execute. Just Wipe, Wipe -f or Wipe -i.

Direct Execute
This is an organizer for your Rapid OS files. This is a simple launcher.
You can use FOS.exe or Rapido.exe or any Autoload.exe. Double click to config your directory.
Don't ask me to provie these files. Find discussion in forum for this.

Even you can run CFP in command line mode easily. This is cool ;)

Eventhough this tool is working as expected,
This software is provided as it is. Do all operation with your OWN RISK.
No any loss that caused by this tool should be claimed to me.
Link: UltraShell BB Tool Free

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