Oct 24, 2013

BlackBerry < OS7 Security IMEI

Được đăng bởi Hiếu Đào Mạnh vào lúc 1:02 PM
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What so called with "RED BLINK" EFS damaged.
This caused by messed up Radio Calibration data. Simply erase this field, and viola!!,
phone is alive with DEFAULT parameter. (IMEI 044xx..)

Now, how to get Radio parameter?
You need to have "clone QCEFS" for specific phone. You can get it from a good working phone. It's Qualcomm, google your self about how to read EFS. It's spread a lot.

Write this clone data to your erased phone , and that's it! Phone is alive.
BIS running OK, Telephony functions OK. Only one thing: the IMEI is default.

This is a warning to those who have such solution.

Do you KNOW how does BlackBerry security mechanism works?

On normal way:
it uses MODEM IMEI to register to network. It's OK you can use default IMEI,
since OUR country DID NOT apply any imei restriction. But don't know next year?
 Apply IMEI policy, and this phone is DONE

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