Jul 18, 2013

Advance OS and LED Pro v16.3.1

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Advance OS and LED Pro 16.3.1 - 20+ Apps in 1 App (The most powerful utility app made for BlackBerry®)

Advance OS and LED Pro

**One time purchase and upgrades are free
* Know if it is a BBM™, SMS, Email or a Call by making upto 4 different Ringtones & LEDs PER Contact.
* Read your messages (BBM™,Email,SMS) without opening any app or even touching your phone.
* Repeat audible reminders alerts for BBM™,Email,SMS,Missed Calls.
* Make custom LEDs for battery, network, Wifi, Bluetooth and all apps Notifications.
* Restart or schedule a phone restart without battery pull.
* Battery & usage monitor feature (full statistics on all your chat, calls, device and battery usage).
* AutoText (Word Substitution) Manager, export /import, share and edit on PC.
* Backup, restore & email all contacts (with photos), export to (Excel,Outlook,Gmail), find/Merge duplicate contacts and Move all contacts to default list or manage multiple contact lists.
* Instant shortcuts launcher to start apps, open websites, call friends, automate your actions, display date, time, battery and wifi status from any screen.
* Download all email attachments automatically.
* Take screenshots with no watermarks.
* Use camera, LED or screen light as flashLights with no time limits.
* Control screen backlight to keep screen on for as long as you want.
* Provides a sound for your battery and network status (makes sound when you start, stop charging or full battery).
* Show Time and Date in every menu.
* Wallpaper changer will change your homescreen background (wallpaper) every time you look at your screen.
* Set phone call duration/timer vibration reminders while in a call.
* Prompt for call redial, call dial confirmation and save unknown numbers after phone calls.
* Lock call screen while in call and display full screen contact pictures.
* Set call loud speaker and vibrate on call connect, mute, hold and more.
* Vibrate when pressing virtual or physical keypad in all apps.

--- BBM Features ---
- Read BBM messages without your friends seeing 'R's.
- Assign an LED light and a ringtone for Each BBM contact.
- Auto delete your chat history.

--- LED Features ---
- Caller LED ID Unlimited
- Effects: Fade/mix or blink LED light colors.
- Color Picker: More than 100 colors and shades available using a color picker, up to 4 colors per contact or app and 14 effects per color.
- Multi-Colors: create your own disco lights up to 12 colors per 1 Multi-Color.
- Night LED Profile: Schedule Turn Off LED lights at night.
- LED Contact Groups.

--- Popup Feature ---
- Popups can mark as read/ delete/ call/ Launch app/ reply/ forward and so much more.
- Popups can wake up phone screen from standby.

--- Additional App Features ---
- Backup / restore all settings with option to send as an email attachment.
- Is EXTREMELY small in SIZE, with very small BATTERY & memory utilization, COMPARE.

ChangeLog version 16.3.1:
- Fixed a major problem that prevented the app from adding more apps ti the LED and Ringtone Feature.

Advance OS and LED Pro v16.3.1 BlackBerry

Advance OS and LED Pro v16.3.1

Version: 16.3.1
File Size: 346 KB
Required: 5.0.0 or higher

Download Advance OS and LED Pro v16.3.1: Offline
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AddOnis: The Ultimate BlackBerry Configuration App

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AddOnis is a cool app from Twinkler that they call The Super Utility for BlackBerry. The app has an incredibly long feature set, so I’ll put it after the break for you to read through. Suffice it to say, this app gives you a lot more options and features that would normally be spread across several smaller apps. With AddOnis, you can block or permit calls from certain numbers, add options to various alerts, add a configurable missed call indicator, provide In-Call notifications and more.
Twinkler let us know that they have lowered the price of AddOnis to $6.99

Features include:
  • New LED Reset option in AddOnis Phone Menu!
  • New Firewall Engine! The Firewall now works even faster!
  • New “Addressbook Only” Firewall mode.
  • New “Auto WiFi Power Off”, if WiFi is out of coverage, it will automatically be turned off to conserve precious battery power.
  • New “Emoticons” (uninstall & reinstall if you have a prior version)
  • New “Tone Notification” in InCall Notification options.
  • Vibrate on call connect/disconnect, the vibration duration is configurable.
  • Vibrate when ringing on incoming calls (in profiles, phone needs to be set to Ring ).
  • Choice of vibration type,user can choose Pulse or Constant.
  • After hang-up, the user is prompted to add new number to Addressbook or to update existing contact.
  • Log incoming calls and outgoing calls to the Calendar, user can select different calendars and choose to log these events as private.
  • In-Call notification at user defined periods during calls, the notification type can be set to Vibrate, and the vibration duration or tone volume are both configurable.
  • Call Firewall with two working rules, Block Blacklist and Permit Whitelist.
  • Call Firewall has two action modes, Hang-up and pickup and Hang-up . Each number added to Call Firewall can have its own action mode, or use the system default.
  • Call Firewall can be configured to work in Fuzzy-Match mode (Prefix Blocking Mode).
  • Call Firewall can block Private and Unknown Numbers.
  • Blocked Call Log shows complete list of rejected calls.
  • Call Firewall can be configures to block outgoing calls to numbers in the Blacklist.
  • Support for Autolock or Autostandby modes.
  • Autolock / Autostandby feature allows user configure the idle timeout before Device Locks or enters Autostandby.
  • Configurable options to disable Autolock /Autostandby when connected to USB or on a call.
  • Autolock /Autostandby can be automatically disabled by a user defined program list so that when a specific program is running in the foreground the feature is disabled.
  • Configurable to Autolock / Autostandby device only when device homescreen is displayed.
  • SMS Signature, allows adding SMS signature automatically when sending SMS (only supported in BerryAddon for OS4.6).
  • Insert Emoticons into SMS/MMS/Email/PIN Message, these Emoticons can be easily customized.
  • Send call log to Addressbook to create new contact or update existing contact.
  • Allow user to choose Addressbook field to insert number into when adding new number or updating existing contact from number in Call Log (Home, Work, etc.)
  • Send Call Log to Calendar to create event.
  • Send Call Log to Tasks to create task.
  • Send Call Log to Memopad to create memo
  • Send Call Log to number lookup engine to reverse search number information.
  • Send SMS/Email/PIN Messages to Addressbook to create new contact or update existing contact.
  • Send SMS/Email/PIN Messages to Calendar to create event.
  • Send SMS/Email/PIN Messages to Tasks to create a new task.
  • Send SMS/Email/PIN Messages to Memopad to create a new memo.
  • Send event to Tasks to create task.
  • Send task to Calendar to create event.
  • Open UTF8 format text documents in Memopad, and send memo to Calendar/Task/SMS/Email.
  • Send Contact to Call Firewall Blacklist/Whitelist.
  • Insert contact information into SMS/MMS/Email/PIN Message. (Does not support beta version of OS 5.0)
  • I think í best for OS 4.5, OS5 and above not perfect.
  • Link to download. 
  •   OS 4.5 +
  •  OS 4.6+ 
  •  OS 5
  • If you like this app, contact me with Pin.

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Jul 17, 2013

BeBuzz - LED Lights for Apps and Contacts - SALE

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Take full control of your BlackBerry® front notification LED! 
Green for calls from your boss, pink for e-mails from your girlfriend, 
blue for BBM messages from your kids and "fast disco" for all your 
Twitter messages.

BeBuzz is the most feature packed and user friendly LED notifier app. 
Only BeBuzz adds unique features like Repeating Audible Notifiers,
 On-Screen Popup Notifiers, Text-to-Speech, V
ibrate-While-Ringing and e-mail notifications.

And only BeBuzz allows you to add BBM contacts by simply selecting
 from your BBM contact list. No complicated linking to your address
 book needed!

With more than 35 Million downloads and multiple awards BeBuzz is
 one of the most popular apps for BlackBerry smartphones ever!

*** Featured on the official InsideBlackBerry blog as an AppWorld
 success story ***
*** Voted #1 BlackBerry App Developer of the Year 2010 by CrackBerry! ***
*** Nominated for the CrackBerry App Award 2010 "Best Utility 
- OS enhancement" ***

*** 1st app ever to bring customizable LED colors to BlackBerry ***
*** 1st to bring support for LED colors for 3rd party apps ***
*** 1st to bring disco LED colors ***
*** 1st to bring support for LED colors for individual BBM contacts ***
*** 1st to bring unobtrusive "toast" notification popups ***

NOTE: If you have trouble reinstalling the app or are receiving the wrong 
version from App World you can download from http://www.bellshare.com/bebuzz 
and recover your license key from http://www.bellshare.com/activationsupport


- *NEW* E-mail, text and BBM filters. Create notifications for specific 
messages filtered by message sender, subject, body etc. Automatically 
perform actions on filtered e-mail messages (Delete, mark as read,
change priority)

- *NEW* Use toasts or fully interactive popups for e-mails and text messages.
 Reply, forward mark as read e-mails and texts straight from the popup. 
Popups are fully customizable (Display, font, buttons etc)

- *NEW* E-mail notifications. Missing notifications while your phone is in the other 
room? Get an e-mail on your desktop PC when your phone's battery is empty,
 phone is fully charged, when you get a new BBM or any other notification supported by BeBuzz.

- Choose from 20 predefined solid LED and 12 rapid flashing DISCO LED COLORS

- Assign colors for E-Mails, SMS, BBM and Calls from your FAVORITE CONTACTS,
 see who it is that is contacting you

- This FULL version gives you UNLIMITED CONTACTS

- Assign colors for BlackBerry Messenger, Facebook, Twitter, 
Missed Calls, Calendar, Tasks, Battery and many 3rd party apps (see list below)

- Create an unlimited number of CUSTOM LED COLORS and DISCOS

- STACK 2 LED COLORS for even more color variations

- Repeating Notifiers: Keep your phone's audible notifiers repeating until you acknowledge them

- On-Screen Popup Notifiers: Unobtrusive on-screen messages ("toasts") for messages and events

- Text-to-Speech: BeBuzz will read your messages out aloud, even BBM messages!

- Vibrate-While-Ringing: Have vibrate while ringing for notifiers and incoming calls.

- Vibrate/sound on call connect/disconnect

- Fully customizable and doesn't drain your battery!

* Supported 3rd party apps:
Visual Voicemail, Gmail, crunchSMS, AIM, BBM, BeejiveIM, Cnectd, eBuddy XMS, Chat for Facebook Pro,
 Chat for Facebook Pro, ICQ, GoogleTalk, GroupMe, Hookt, instango, IM+, IM+ Lite, Kik, LiveProfile,
 Nimbuzz, pMessenger, Skype, Trillian, Touch, WhatsApp, MSN, Yahoo, Badoo, Facebook,
 Facebook Messenger, myspace, myKite, KakaoTalk, Blaq, HootSuite, OpenBeak, SocialScope, TweetGenius
, Tweetissimo, Issimo, Twitter, UberTwitter, UberSocial, Calendar Pro, Pocket Informant, BeWeather,
 BlackBerry News, BerryReview Mobile, BlackBerry Travel, BeReader, AP Mobile, ToDoMatrix, ebay, 
Google Voice, MeterBerry, n-tv, ScoreMobile, Soti Pocket Controller Pro, TheBirthdayApp, Viigo, 
YouMail, Pingchat, Improved Chat for Facebook 
 Link: BeBuzz - LED Lights for Apps and Contacts - SALE

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Battery Life Tips & Tricks

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Battery Care & Feeding

  • A new battery should be charged fully, then depleted to red-line. Repeat for 2-3 cycles to condition the battery.
  • Charge the phone nightly. Frequent top-offs are better for a LiIon battery than deep discharges. Consider a charging pod.
  • Set the clock option for When Charging: Enter Bedside Mode. This dims the outer screen and turns off LED notifications.
  • Once in a great while, red-line the battery. This recalibrates the battery meter.
  • The Options screen has a more accurate reading than the battery meter. Settings->Options->Status.

Hardware Tips
  • Turn off the Wi-Fi (8220) and/or Bluetooth radios when you aren't using them. Go to Manage Connections.
    [Edit 2011.04.20: Use SmartWiFi to automatically turn Wi-Fi on/off based on cell tower.]
  • Turn off the GPS (8230) radio when you aren't using it. Settings->Options->Advanced Options->GPS->GPS Services: Location OFF.
  • Use a BlackBerry-branded Flip holster, which has a magnet to trip the in-holster sensor and put the phone in standby mode.
  • Use a USB cable for modem tethering instead of a Bluetooth connection. Bluetooth tethering uses a lot of power.

Configuration Tips
  • Use UMA (8220) in weak signal areas if possible. Maintaining cell service in a dead zone obviously draws a lot of power.
  • Turn off network coverage indicator (green LED). Settings->Options->Screen/Keyboard->LED Coverage Indicator.
  • Turn off Bluetooth connection indicator (blue LED). Settings->Options->Bluetooth, click Menu key, choose Options->LED Connection Indicator.
  • Set screen brightness as low as tolerable. Settings->Options->Screen/Keyboard->Backlight Brightness.
  • Set backlight timeout as low as tolerable. Settings->Options->Screen/Keyboard->Backlight Timeout.
  • Set backlight auto-dim to On. Settings->Options->Screen/Keyboard->Automatically Dim Backlight.
  • Set profiles to use Tone instead of Vibrate or Vibrate+Tone.

Application Tips
  • Update your BlackBerry to the latest firmware. Newer firmware often incorporates battery-saving tweaks.
  • Always exit applications using Menu->Exit or Menu->Close. Forgotten applications running in the background will leech your battery. While holding down the Alt key, press Escape then scroll left/right to see the running applications.
  • BerryWeather: set updates as infrequent as tolerable. Menu->Settings, "Auto Update" and "Advisory Auto Update".
  • E*Trade Mobile Pro: disable streaming quotes
  • Slacker: cache stations on your microSD card instead of streaming them OTA.
  • WeatherBug: set updates as infrequent as tolerable. Settings->Options->WeatherBug Settings, Menu->Advanced Settings  
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Z10 Tips, Tricks and Shortcuts

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Tips using the Z10 BlackBerry.

  • For the new Z10 user, you'll find some good stuff here and I urge you to just sit down for 20 miutes and go through each of these. They'll stick with you that way.
  • For the experienced user, please feel free to post your own tips in this thread! I'd ask that we stay on topic, and let's get as many as possible posted here.
  1. First, find your SETTINGS easily by swiping down from the top bezel. There you will see Settings, Bluetooth, Alarm, Rotation Lock, WiFi and Notifications. In your Settings, you will find your About screen, Network Connections such as your mobile network, Mobile Hotspot, NFC, Airplane Mode, etc.; your email accounts setup, Language and Input, BlackBerry Protect, and many other key settings.
  2. Name your Z10 at Settings > About > Device Name. This is the name of the device a WiFi router will see, when using the BlackBerry Link on your desktop, or when sharing media files.
  3. Remember the Overflow icon, which is noted by the  icon (three horizontal dots) This icon is often seen in the Hub, at the bottom of email compose screens and in many core BB10 apps and will lead you to more settings, options or actions for that screen.
  4. Take a screen shot of your Z10 screen by pressing both the UP and DOWN volumes keys simultaneously. The screen shot is saved in your Pictures folder.
  5. Stop the red LED quickly by tapping the top edge Standby button. Sometimes I don't have time to even peek at the Hub, and a quick tap of the standby button let's me get back to work for a few more minutes.
  6. Hub Quick Controls: While in your Hub view, tap the overflow icon ⁞ and then Settings > to find your settings for Hub Display and Actions (change the sort order of messages, download images automatically and more), Hub Management (you can enable and disable which email accounts, Facebook, and Twitter to appear or no in the Hub.
  7. Application settings can often be found by swiping down from the top bezel to find more Settings, Help, or About that third party application.
  8. Disable the Delete Message Confirmation from your Hub screen > tap the overflow icon ⁞ > Settings > Display and Actions > scroll down to and disable the Delete Message Confirmation.
  9. Peek when busy! If your actively in an email or other app like Twitter, you can use one finger swiping slowly up from the bottom bezel to view any mail, BBM or Hub notifications on the left or right of the pane. Keep your finger on the app and swipe back down to continue in the active app, or let go to move to another app. Swiping up from the bottom and over to the right all in one action hides that active app and takes you directly to your Hub.
  10. Check your battery percentage at Settings > About > change the top Category from General to Hardware and the battery percentage is at the bottom of the screen. I've downloaded "Battery Watch" from BlackBerry World for free, as an icon on my screen.
  11. Speed Dial settings are found by opening your Phone application and while in the Call List or Contacts view, touch and hold the desire contact to add to your Speed Dial and on the popup side bar, touch the Star icon (Add to Speed Dial).
  1. Word Substitution on your Z10 works beautifully! Find it in your Settings > Language and Input > Automated Assistance > Word Substitution. We formerly called this AutoText, and it works all the same as before. There are a few pre-loaded, and I make my own, for things such as creating an entry of "hh" which becomes "Headed Home" I often use to let family know I've left the office at the end of the day. You can create Twitter hashtags, such as "bbt" becomes "#BlackBerry10", "myadd" instantly enters my physical office address. Learn to use the pre-loaded entries such as "ld" for today's date, "lt" for the current time, "mypin" to enter your Z10 PIN, or "myver" to instantly enter your BlackBerry model and OS version installed.
  2. Hide the keyboard on any screen by wiping down with two fingers on the keyboard. Now you can see more of the long BBMessenger chat.
  3. Format your Email to add colored fonts, Bold, bullets, or numbering... While in the email compose screen, swipe two fingers down to hide the keyboard and you'll see the Attach, Format, Importance and the overflow [⁞] icon... which allows you do BCC: a contact in the email.
  4. Minize the keyboard quickly by touching the space key for two seconds, or by using two fingers to swipe downward on the keyboard.
  5. Switch Keyboards quickly between the QWERTY keyboard and the numeric/symbol keyboard by swiping down on the keyboard with one finger.
  6. Delete whole words by swiping left across the keyboard. Delete two words by swiping leftward with two fingers, three words with three fingers.
  7. Select a word by touching and holding the word, the blue selection box will surround the word. Hold that word a second longer and the entire sentence will be selected. Another second, the entire paragraph will select; a second longer and the next paragraph will select with it, and so on.
  1. Use the Camera on the Lock Screen by touching the camera icon for five seconds... instant camera for the quick shots without unlocking!
  2. Camera Tips: Use the up or down volume to activate the shutter, or simply touch the screen. Touch the Overflow icon for the camera's Burst mode (touch and hold for sports shots!) or to change the front-facing camera, or the Stabilization mode for shaky hands. The up/down volume keys also stop and start the video camera.
  3. Set your Music Controls to your volume keys by going to your Settings > System Volume > to set the Music Shortcuts to On. Now your device volume up/down keys can be pressed to take you to the next or previous track in your music library.
  1. Switch calendar views quickly between the single day view to the week view, tap the screen twice quickly
  2. A six month calendar is viewable, from the month view, by dragging down from top blue month title. From there you can swipe left or right to the previous or future six months, and touch a month to view that month.
  1. Customize your icon layout by touching and holding an icon for two seconds until they pulsate... Touch and drag an icon within the current screen and let go to place it; drag an icon across the edge right or left to another panel, or drag one icon onto another to create a new folder with both icons located in that folder (you'll have a New Folder box pop up where you can name the folder). Rename a folder by touching it a few seconds.
  2. Voice Control can quickly access from any screen by pressing the side MUTE key for two seconds (this is the button between the up and down volume keys).
  3. Just Type! I am amazed at the ease of typing and self-correction of my typing mistakes on the Z10. I just seem to enter gibberish and the Z10 makes sense of it all in 99% of the words. Take time the first two weeks to use the word flick as you type and the Z10 will learn even better your typing and writing habits.
  4. Just Speak! I have never been a big user of my former BlackBerry voice to text apps or services. They just never worked right for me. But WOW, this Z10 is actually getting better and better each time I use the Voice Control. Just like typing, it's learning my speech pattern, southern accent and idiosyncrasies. Take some time aside to create SMS messages or emails with the Voice Control and then as you do, make the corrections needed. Doing so will make a world of difference in how Voice Control reacts and transcribes your voice input.
  5. Reset the BlackBerry10 Hub by swiping from the top right bezel to the center of the screen, five times in a row. This will often reset any ghost notifications, your email or social media notifications. You'll see a quick black screen then "Preparing BlackBerry Hub".
Got your own tip? Post it in this thread. If you're copying from another blog or source, be sure to give credit where due, with a link.

Other great Z10 and BlackBerry10 resources can found at the BlackBerry HelpBlog, The BlackBerry YouTube Channel, the BlackBerry Twitter Support, and at Getting Started with the Z10.

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Jul 16, 2013

BlackBerry 10 Bars

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About the tool What does it do? The BB10 Sideloading Tool allows you to install .BAR files on your BlackBerry Z10, Q10, Q5 or BlackBerry PlayBook. You can also search for .BAR files directly in the tool and download & install them. What do I need to know? You need the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) in order to install apps. If you don’t have it already, download it here. If you are using Windows XP, you also need to install the Microsoft .Net Framework from here. What to do after downloading? Install and run the tool. You will see a setup guide when you start the tool for the first time. A more in detail guide can be found here: Sideloading Guide.
This guide will teach you step-by-step how to install .BAR files on your BlackBerry 10 device or BlackBerry PlayBook.


First of all your BlackBerry device and your PC need to be in the same network. Connect your BB10 device with you local Wi-Fi and join that network with your PC. You don’t need to connect your device via USB.
Development mode
To sideload applications your device needs to be in development mode. You can find this option in
Settings – Security – Development Mode

You will need to setup a password, make sure you don’t forget it. Once the development mode is active, find out your device’s IP address. Therefore go to
Settings – About – Network – IPv4

Install the BB10 Sideloading Tool
You can download it here. Execute and install it (you may need admin rights). The BB10 Sideloading Tool allows you to connect your PC with your device as well as sending and installing selected .BAR files.

Start sideloading

Now start the BB10 Sideloading Tool. You will see a setup guide if you start it for the first time. Click continue until you see the settings screen and enter the IP address of your BlackBerry device and the password for the development mode. Click “Check connection” to see if your network is setup right.

Install .BARs
No switch to the “Install” tab or restart the tool. Drag and drop your .Bar files into the package icon and click “Start sideloading”.
Let the tool do the work for you
The tool will now send and install each of your selected .BAR files. Don’t interrupt your network connection during this process. Once the tool finished, have a look at your device’s home screen. You will find your sideloaded apps there. If an app is missing, have a look into the log and find out why.
Link: BlackBerry 10 Bars

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