Jul 17, 2013

BeBuzz - LED Lights for Apps and Contacts - SALE

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Take full control of your BlackBerry® front notification LED! 
Green for calls from your boss, pink for e-mails from your girlfriend, 
blue for BBM messages from your kids and "fast disco" for all your 
Twitter messages.

BeBuzz is the most feature packed and user friendly LED notifier app. 
Only BeBuzz adds unique features like Repeating Audible Notifiers,
 On-Screen Popup Notifiers, Text-to-Speech, V
ibrate-While-Ringing and e-mail notifications.

And only BeBuzz allows you to add BBM contacts by simply selecting
 from your BBM contact list. No complicated linking to your address
 book needed!

With more than 35 Million downloads and multiple awards BeBuzz is
 one of the most popular apps for BlackBerry smartphones ever!

*** Featured on the official InsideBlackBerry blog as an AppWorld
 success story ***
*** Voted #1 BlackBerry App Developer of the Year 2010 by CrackBerry! ***
*** Nominated for the CrackBerry App Award 2010 "Best Utility 
- OS enhancement" ***

*** 1st app ever to bring customizable LED colors to BlackBerry ***
*** 1st to bring support for LED colors for 3rd party apps ***
*** 1st to bring disco LED colors ***
*** 1st to bring support for LED colors for individual BBM contacts ***
*** 1st to bring unobtrusive "toast" notification popups ***

NOTE: If you have trouble reinstalling the app or are receiving the wrong 
version from App World you can download from http://www.bellshare.com/bebuzz 
and recover your license key from http://www.bellshare.com/activationsupport


- *NEW* E-mail, text and BBM filters. Create notifications for specific 
messages filtered by message sender, subject, body etc. Automatically 
perform actions on filtered e-mail messages (Delete, mark as read,
change priority)

- *NEW* Use toasts or fully interactive popups for e-mails and text messages.
 Reply, forward mark as read e-mails and texts straight from the popup. 
Popups are fully customizable (Display, font, buttons etc)

- *NEW* E-mail notifications. Missing notifications while your phone is in the other 
room? Get an e-mail on your desktop PC when your phone's battery is empty,
 phone is fully charged, when you get a new BBM or any other notification supported by BeBuzz.

- Choose from 20 predefined solid LED and 12 rapid flashing DISCO LED COLORS

- Assign colors for E-Mails, SMS, BBM and Calls from your FAVORITE CONTACTS,
 see who it is that is contacting you

- This FULL version gives you UNLIMITED CONTACTS

- Assign colors for BlackBerry Messenger, Facebook, Twitter, 
Missed Calls, Calendar, Tasks, Battery and many 3rd party apps (see list below)

- Create an unlimited number of CUSTOM LED COLORS and DISCOS

- STACK 2 LED COLORS for even more color variations

- Repeating Notifiers: Keep your phone's audible notifiers repeating until you acknowledge them

- On-Screen Popup Notifiers: Unobtrusive on-screen messages ("toasts") for messages and events

- Text-to-Speech: BeBuzz will read your messages out aloud, even BBM messages!

- Vibrate-While-Ringing: Have vibrate while ringing for notifiers and incoming calls.

- Vibrate/sound on call connect/disconnect

- Fully customizable and doesn't drain your battery!

* Supported 3rd party apps:
Visual Voicemail, Gmail, crunchSMS, AIM, BBM, BeejiveIM, Cnectd, eBuddy XMS, Chat for Facebook Pro,
 Chat for Facebook Pro, ICQ, GoogleTalk, GroupMe, Hookt, instango, IM+, IM+ Lite, Kik, LiveProfile,
 Nimbuzz, pMessenger, Skype, Trillian, Touch, WhatsApp, MSN, Yahoo, Badoo, Facebook,
 Facebook Messenger, myspace, myKite, KakaoTalk, Blaq, HootSuite, OpenBeak, SocialScope, TweetGenius
, Tweetissimo, Issimo, Twitter, UberTwitter, UberSocial, Calendar Pro, Pocket Informant, BeWeather,
 BlackBerry News, BerryReview Mobile, BlackBerry Travel, BeReader, AP Mobile, ToDoMatrix, ebay, 
Google Voice, MeterBerry, n-tv, ScoreMobile, Soti Pocket Controller Pro, TheBirthdayApp, Viigo, 
YouMail, Pingchat, Improved Chat for Facebook 
 Link: BeBuzz - LED Lights for Apps and Contacts - SALE

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