Oct 16, 2013

Cute Smart Sexy Fancy Pink HD Doodle Theme -SMS Viewer And Composer

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A cute viewer and composer for your SMS both for Girls and Boys. 
 Customize the looks of your SMS with A cute viewer and composer for your SMS handsome effects:   
+ Textures  
+ Backgrounds 
 + Colored Bubbles  
+ Colored Texts  
+ Themes Cursive, bold, italic and 100+ fonts! 

This SMS viewer has five superb themes:-

 1) Doodle Chalkboard Theme 
2) Yellow Beauty Theme 
3) Monster Doodle Theme 
4) Doodle Wooden Theme 
5) Pink Doodle Sky Theme  
 Cute viewer and composer for your SMS Features:- 
*View SMS with  five sexy themes
*Change the SMS background with the photo of your loved ones. 
*Change the colors for incoming and outgoing SMS bubble.
* Create awesome texy  messages fast and easy!  
* Decorate your messages with lots of color, beauty and special effects. 
* You can even set the photo of your loved ones as the SMS background. 
* View and compose your SMS with Colors, Smileys and formatted web Links!
Link: Appworld
Link: Download 

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