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BlackBerry Master Control Program

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BlackBerry Master Control Program is a software solution aimed at all BlackBerry owners, providing a wide array of useful features, such as synchronization and backup tools.
The application offers two connectivity modes, USB and serial, but users will most likely prefer the first one because it provides higher transfer rates.
The interface is not the best we've seen, that's for sure, and as such, it may take a while to figure out how to use the application since the look isn't quite user friendly.
BlackBerry Master Control Program bundles so-called “Java Loaders” which allow you to factory reset the connected BlackBerry device, recover memory, wipe the handheld, either completely or just remove the applications and file system, set the time and turn on or off the radio.
In addition, there's a dedicated tool to capture a screenshot and save it separately on your computer, with separate options to set up the feature to take new screenshots at a user-defined interval.
Another thing that's worth mentioning is that BlackBerry Master Control Program boasts what specialists call “Operating System Management” that may be a somewhat risky job for beginners. It allows users to download a new BlackBerry OS and install it on their mobile phones.
And last but not least, there's also a separate screen with download links for USB drivers and other useful goodies for all BlackBerry owners, including desktop software and operating systems.
All in all, BlackBerry Master Control Program is a nice way to get in touch with your BlackBerry device, but some improvements are a must have in certain areas.
BlackBerry Master Control Program description
The BlackBerry Master Control Program application was designed to provide a complete BlackBerry device management, including the ability to download and install BlackBerry Device Drivers, Operating Systems and third-party tools quickly and easily from a single grapical user interface.
MCP allows you to keep an unlimited number of OS’s installed on your PC but at the time you actually install an OS to your device MCP only lets RIM’s Application Loader “see” the OS you had selected inside MCP. Most OS 101 articles tell you to uninstall all other OS’s from your PC before you begin the process.
This is time consuming to say the least. MCP allows you to keep multiple BlackBerry OS’s installed on your computer and keep them in their current (possibly optimized) state for later use at any time.Here are some key features of "BlackBerry Master Control Program":

· Performs ALL JavaLoader commands and options - one hundred percent - graphically.
· Upgrade/Downgrade to any device OS that is installed on your computer - without having to uninstall other OS's.
· Relocates OS files to the same locations as CrackMem, so you can switch between MCP or CrackMem at will.
· MCP is available via Windows Control Panel after installation.
· Easy to access shortcuts to the most common BlackBerry tools.

· BlackBerry Device
What's New in This Release: [ read full changelog ]
· Added JavaLoader 7.0 Beta 2 (from BlackBerry JDE 7.0 Beta 2).

· All downloads on the Downloads screen have been updated.

· MCP Support link (Welcome screen) fixed.

· MCP Portable updates and fixes.

· MCP Redesigned for PortableApps Platform “Next” Pre-Release 3
What's new in BlackBerry Master Control Program 30th, 2011
· Added JavaLoader 7.0 Beta 2 (from BlackBerry JDE 7.0 Beta 2).
· All downloads on the Downloads screen have been updated.
· MCP Support link (Welcome screen) fixed.
· MCP Portable updates and fixes.
· MCP Redesigned for PortableApps Platform “Next” Pre-Release 3
What's new in BlackBerry Master Control Program Beta 1:
December 7th, 2009
· Modules Lists Updated
· The modules lists on the Erase Modules and Save Modules (Java Loader) pages have been updated. The new modules lists display the name of the module followed by the module version and size (in bytes) in parenthesis.
· Old Method... Module name only, example: BeejiveIM
· New Method... Module name (Version/Size), example: BeejiveIM (1.9.7/1456772)
· MCP Backup Bug Fix
· In some cases one or possibly two modules were not being backed up properly in older versions of MCP. This is now fixed!
· More Information
· For all of the gory details and download information hit the jump!
What's new in BlackBerry Master Control Program December 3rd, 2009
· Removed embedded Shockwave Flash components
· MCP Downloads Page: Desktop Manager updated to DM B49
· MCP Downloads Page: Device Manager updated to DM B49
· MCP Downloads Page: USB & Modem Drivers updated to DM B49
· MCP Downloads Page: BlackBerry Media Sync updated to
· Copyrights changed from 2009 to 2010
What's new in BlackBerry Master Control Program November 23rd, 2009
General Changes:
· MCP now supports Java Loader 5.0.0 Beta 5 (JDE)
· Stand alone EXE now downloads the correct Java Loader EXE (5.0 Beta 5)
· Stand alone EXE now downloads the correct images
· Note: Existing users: close MCP, delete the images and icons folders, run mcp.exe again
· Updated MCP Help (http://mcpfx.com/help)
· Added MCP FAX (http://faq.mcpfx.com/)
Operating System Management (OSM) Changes:
· "More/Games" section is now "More/IM's" (Instant Messengers)
· "Instant Messengers" section is now "BlackBerry Games"
· More/IM's > More Modules: Added: CityID
· BlackBerry Games: Added: Block Breaker Deluxe 2, Bejeweled, Twist Demo, Monopoly, Peggle Demo, Tetris, Texas Hold ‘Em Poker, The Sims 3
· Confirmation page for OS now shows your PIN in the sample image on the right side
More Changes (Since
· MCP gets a major facelift! Brand new graphics for the navigation panel and installers! - Thanks Shane!!
· Save Modules now allows user to create ALX/JAD for saved modules (http://mcpfx.com/page.php?21)
· Added Backup & Restore for third party applications (2 clicks) (http://mcpfx.com/page.php?21)
· Added ALX/JAD Builder with drag & drop window for building the module list (http://mcpfx.com/page.php?21)
· Hotkey Navigation (F-Keys) updated (http://mcpfx.com/page.php?22)
· Load/Erase (and other) information popups are now modal (main screen is disabled until operations complete)
· Left side navigation panel reduced number of icons dramatically (it was too cluttered)
· MCP navigation icon hints are now more detailed and describe what each page can do
· MCP Live Support tool (separate download -> binsupport.exe) allows remote viewing and interaction
· MCP installer now adds "MCP Log" and "MCP Live Support" to the Windows Start Menu
· External apps icons: added intelligence to left click... if app exists, execute it, if not, go to website
· External apps icons: hints updated to acknowledge ability to middle click for settings
· OS Management: Added "Delete JVM" checkbox (if checked Application Loader will start with the /nojvm parameter which will destroy JVM on the device)
· OS Management: Added "Full Wipe" checkbox (if checked Java Loader will "Wipe" the device destroying any existing IT Policies prior to the OS installation)
· Navigation: Load/Erase/Save Modules used to be "hidden" under the "Java Loader" page, they are now in the main navigation area
· Development platform upgraded from "Windows XP SP3 / CodeGear RAD Studio 2009" to "Windows 7 RC1 / Embarcadero RAD Studio 2010"
· Load Modules > Locate files now initially shows all COD and JAD files, selector allows user to filter differently
· MCP Bin folder path corruption bug fixed - this was fully annoying

What's new in BlackBerry Master Control Program November 25th, 2008·
MCP now uses RIM Java Loader from the new BlackBerry JDE 4.7 Beta 2
· Added Auto-Check Java Loader Version option to Settings page
· Java Loader version checking is now 100% specific to the Java Loader EXE field in Settings
· Java Loader version checking now downloads the exe, txt and md5 for Java Loader
What's new in BlackBerry Master Control Program Beta 3: November 18th, 2008
· MCP now supports the ability to manage multiple USB Devices / PINs
· Simulation Mode
· Automatic Java Loader Version Checker
· Almost all MCP Images and icons are now extensible
· BBDevMgr.Exe vs Windows Hourglass - Fixed
· Added MCP Status (Online/Offline)
· Performance Improvements
· Operating System Management enhancements, added PIN to messages
· Added Command Line Parameters
· Added menu system for the MCP system tray icon
· Updated the Welcome and About screens
· Settings page... Added "Pin Check Interval"
· Added "Textures" to the Settings page, follows Windows themes
· Tons of other fixes/improvements
What's new in BlackBerry Master Control Program Beta 2: November 10th, 2008
· Complete rewrite of the Operating System Management page
· Added screen size selector to the Screen Capture page
· Tons of fixes and improvements
What's new in BlackBerry Master Control Program Beta 1: November 8th, 2008
· One hundred percent fully functional graphical user interface (GUI) for Java Loader (JavaLoader.exe)
· All possible combinations of Java Loader commands and options can now be utilized inside of MCP. The OTASL commands are a bit unknown, so for now they are located on the Area 51 page.
· Load Modules (Java Loader page) updates: There is a new drag and drop control allowing you to drop in (multiple) COD files. The load button allows you to select multiple COD files. In both cases, the edit window will not automatically clear each time, allowing you to reference an unlimited number of COD files in an unlimited number of different folders.
· Save Modules (Java Loader page) updates: The retrieve button now brings back a sorted list of modules that are installed on the device and presents them to you in a check box list. This allows you to fine tune which modules you want to save by checking them individually.
· Erase Modules (Java Loader page) updates: The retrieve button now brings back a sorted list of modules that are installed on the device and presents them to you in a check box list. This allows you to fine tune which modules you want to erase by checking them individually.
· One of the three pages mentioned above was broken in the last build. These sections have all been heavily updated and it seems much more intuitive and easier to use.
· The navigation of these new "mini pages" is done by clicking the three icons at the left side (up arrow (blue), down arrow (red), etc.).
· Added a "Command Prompt" button to the Java Loader page, for hardcore users that miss their command line.
· Added a small button at the bottom right of the output window for the Information page and the Area 51 page that allows you to export the output to a file.
· The Operating System page has a new section: "Estimated Space Savings". This section will try to show (as accurately as possible) how much space you will save during your installation based on the files you have selected. This is not 100%, but it is fairly accurate, and it is dynamic because it actually checks the sizes of the COD files as the selections are made. This means that if a COD file grows by 500k in a newly installed OS (on your PC), you will see the difference.
· The Operating System page has been completely overhauled. Size estimates are provided for every possible option, and as they are unchecked/checked the "Estimated Space Savings" will update to reflect the changes. This shows an almost real time estimate of how optimized your new OS will be once it is installed. If you set the "Vendor" setting (Settings page) and you check/uncheck that vendor's theme, the size (savings) will be even more accurate.
· All selections are "live". If you uncheck it, the COD is moved out of the installation path. If you check it, the COD is moved back into the installation path.
· Each individual section on the Operating System page now has two new (tiny) buttons near the top right of the section. The left button checks all of the items in that section. The right button unchecks all of the items. Long overdue.
· During OS manipulation, if you are unchecking (removing) a module and the COD file exists in both the original folder and the removed files folder, the copy in removed files is deleted and then the original is moved to the removed files area. If you are checking (adding a module back to the installation) and the COD file exists in both folders, the backup copy in the removed files area wins.
· Added a "Dimension Themes" section to the Operating System page. As mentioned elsewhere, you have to keep all four of these installed if you want to use custom themes. If you don't need that ability, you will probably want to at least keep the Dimension Zen theme. If you uncheck them all, you will still get a theme, but it's total dog shit (screenshot).
· Added a "900x Series" section to the Operating System page.
· Added a "Command Line Interface (CLI)" applet to the Area 51 page.
· Added online update checking for version updates and also (separately) the content files (list files for most of the drop down selectors). These new controls are on the Settings page.
· Added "flatten controls" to the Settings page to add cool visual effects to all of the edit fields and drop down lists.
· Popup "Please Wait..." messages are now working 100% and now automatically center up with the main window. All of these windows are set to "stay on top" so that they don't "pop under" or get lost behind the main form.
· Added "JavaLoader.exe" expected output to the Settings page. This just lets you see graphically what should happen with the command line arguments based on your PIN and other settings inside this page.
· Added "Vendor" to the Settings page. This setting has a slight affect on the new "Estimated Space Savings" section of the "Operating System" page.
· Added "Auto Capture & Save Interval" to the Screenshots page. Names are now given to the check boxes on the left side so it's more obvious what they do (Auto Capture / Auto Save).
· Added an "Applications" page for a graphical way of managing all external applications. These will actually override where MCP tries to set your paths. These could be manipulated previously only by editing the mcp.ini file.
· Added a "Quiet Mode" option to the "Basic Settings" section of the Settings page. Checking this option will turn off the left side banner and the MCP "face" images on the Welcome and About pages. This is a "not safe for work" type control.
· The left side background image (imagesleft.bmp) and the main image seen on the Welcome and About pages (imagesmain.jpg) can now be changed externally. The work.bmp file is what will be seen (stretched) if quiet mode is used.
· Fixed the semi-borked "Module Info" button on the "Information" page.
· Finally added a decent amount of information to the Welcome page.
· All pages have been massively overhauled.
· Most hints have been updated.
· I have fixed all of the bugs I have been able to find.
· Removed readme file (mcp.txt) in favor of online documentation.

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