Jun 14, 2014

The Online Game Currency ( HYPER coin)

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The Online Game Currency

HYPER is an alt coin for use in online games, emerging virtual worlds, massively multiplayer online games, simulations and more.
HYPER is developing an MMO space strategy game in which players will construct an intergalactic empire that earns them HYPER (current dev team has 10+ members - more details below). As part of our game engine research, we are currently setting up and play testing a space MMO strategy game / framework on a private server. If all goes well we will be launching a space MMO strategy game much sooner than planned! Please follow the thread for more details!
Symbol coin:  HYPER

The current HYPER MMO development team has over 10 members - with artists, authors, coders, sound designers, a project manager, game mechanics specialists, science fiction freaks, visionaries and more!

HYPER multipool: https://chunkypools.com/hyper/ Mine HYPER with X11, Scrypt and SHA 256 (put those old Bitcoin miners to good use)
Special about HYPER
  • Active Dev: Very important feature of any crypto-project to succeed. The HYPER dev is, well, hyperactive! He’s pushing for good projects in this space and he has a vision related to the use of HYPER in gaming that I am sure he’ll realize soon. The crypto-space is full of talented people, after all. +1 for an active dev.
  • Community: There’s already a dedicated forum with giveaways for everyone. “I don’t like the idea of free money”, said no one, ever. The community is growing fast, and HYPER is already listed on a couple of exchanges – ShareXCoin (another very interesting crypto) and Bittrex (oh boy, that was fast!)
  • PoS: This is the in-thing, but HYPER took the right approach in having a much higher PoS than coins like Blackcoin. Giving a PoS interest of 1% to 2% per year seems completely meaningless when the price can fluctuate by 10 times that value per hour. I like the 5% monthly interest rate. The inflation isn’t going to be 5% – just look at HoboNickel if you want, with a very steady increase in money supply and no runaway inflation even at 100% PoS. Now, it gives incentive for people to hold rather than dump all their HYPER on the exchanges. Isn’t that good for the price? Yes it is.
  • Future Vision: This is nice to have, although not a necessity for an altcoin. HYPER has a vision for being included in online MMO games, and other virtual worlds. If it fails miserably, there’s nothing really to lose – HoboNickel is a successful altcoin for more than a year with no such ‘vision’ to speak of. If it succeeds, then there’s a decent amount to gain, as the price would rise based on the popularity of games using HYPER. Minimal to no downside risk here.
Investor Advice: Make strategic buys. PoS is high, so if you need money, you can always sell the stake generated instead of selling the principal. 5% monthly PoS that matures in 8 hours is pretty legit. If the price pumps up waaay above where it is now, then I’d sell and wait for the dump to buy back my stash.
Disclosure: Long HYPER, and plan on adding more to my position. May sell the stake generated.
 More infomation: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=624651.0

Mar 8, 2014

Use the coupon Hostgator

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How to use the coupon

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Coupon code: 
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