Oct 16, 2013

Cute Smart Sexy Fancy Pink HD Doodle Theme -SMS Viewer And Composer

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A cute viewer and composer for your SMS both for Girls and Boys. 
 Customize the looks of your SMS with A cute viewer and composer for your SMS handsome effects:   
+ Textures  
+ Backgrounds 
 + Colored Bubbles  
+ Colored Texts  
+ Themes Cursive, bold, italic and 100+ fonts! 

This SMS viewer has five superb themes:-

 1) Doodle Chalkboard Theme 
2) Yellow Beauty Theme 
3) Monster Doodle Theme 
4) Doodle Wooden Theme 
5) Pink Doodle Sky Theme  
 Cute viewer and composer for your SMS Features:- 
*View SMS with  five sexy themes
*Change the SMS background with the photo of your loved ones. 
*Change the colors for incoming and outgoing SMS bubble.
* Create awesome texy  messages fast and easy!  
* Decorate your messages with lots of color, beauty and special effects. 
* You can even set the photo of your loved ones as the SMS background. 
* View and compose your SMS with Colors, Smileys and formatted web Links!
Link: Appworld
Link: Download 

Phone Performance Optimizer

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Phone Performance Optimizer allows you to recover the
 lost/used up memory from the device making your applications
 run faster and smoother. The app will optimize device 
performance by reclaiming unused memory periodically.

Also,it rechecks the reasons for battery drain periodically
 like - WiFi could be switched on when you are no where near
 WiFi, apps running in background, GPS draining your battery
 when you are no longer using it and so on. Phone Performance
 Optimizer makes appropriate choices for your BlackBerry and 
saves its battery from draining. 

Features of Boost Phone Performance:

   - Option to Optimize Memory now.
   - Option to set an Auto Scheduler.
   - Works silently in the background.
   - It automatically tries to recover lost memory.
   - Free memory can be assigned to running applications so that your 
Device runs faster.
   - Monitors Radio signals in low signal areas to switch them off.
   - Monitors GPS usage running on, when it is no longer used.
   - Monitors apps running in backgrounds.
   - Monitors WiFi in area of no wifi signal and saves battery.
   - Gives alerts when Battery drains.

Hurry up....what are you waiting for? Install Phone Performance Optimizer instantly
 If you face any issues or have any feature suggestions, write to us 
at support@kumilabs.com
lINK: Apworld 
Link Phone Performance Optimizer

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